My Story

I experienced a handful of turning points during my late teens and early 20s that turned my attention to the healing arts.

After moving a few times as a child, as an early teen, I blamed my parents for making my childhood inauspicious. I experienced symptoms of depression early on, I was angry, and believed I had good reason. These experiences shaped how I reacted to challenging situations, including issues with body image. It was so intense, I got to a point where I despised looking in the mirror.  

Eventually, I began a new chapter at UMass Amherst. While there, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Thailand, “The Land of Smiles.”

I fell in love with their approach to life, the culture, the glow in their eyes, and learning about Buddhism.

Being immersed in the Thai culture became the essential turning point in my life, it introduced me to a new way of living - I was hooked.

When I returned home, I began seeking ways to recreate how I felt while traveling in Asia.


I chased self-discovery, new practices, more travel and taking risks.

These risks, however, landed me in some not-so-safe spaces which flipped my entire world upside down.

Externally nothing made sense to me and I hit my lowest point. I was face-to-face with myself for the first time. I was experiencing my first mental breakdown and I knew I had two choices:

I was either going to let myself drown or find a way to turn the mess into my message.

I made myself a promise to listen and nurture my inner world instead of trying to control my external circumstances.

I immersed myself in programs, cleanses, yoga, meditation practice and focused on healing. Once new habits began to take shape, my outer world shifted as well.

One certification led to the next and eventually I decided to take a chair in the mentor seat and found that people naturally gravitate towards me to unload and unpack some things that they often don’t even have words for.


I am a living example of the power of this work. And now, I am here to help you on the next steps of your personal journey.


My Manifesto

  1. Take your sweet time and be easy with yourself.

  2. There is no place you “should” be.

  3. The experience you’re in is exactly where you’re meant to be. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be happening.

  4. When strong urges come, pause and ask yourself if the desire is driven from fear or love.

  5. Write.

  6. Take at least five minutes in the morning to notice how you feel, listen to your breath and express what you’re grateful for. It’s a simple action with such great reward. The rhythm of the day is different when we begin with this awareness.

  7. Set a timer for a minute throughout the day. In that minute close your eyes and take five long, slow, steady breaths.

  8. Ask yourself often, how do I want to feel today? In this hour? In this moment? Our experience is always a reflection of our inner world, and every thought has an effect on some level.

  9. Choose to lean on the power of love because only love is real. 
  10. Find mentors. Volunteer. Enroll in courses, trainings or workshops, retreats you’ve been considering. You’ll connect with people who think and see life the way you do and you’ll get to fill up on that good juju.
  11. Remember you are never alone.