Hi I’m Yeradmi
(pronounced Jer-ad-me)

I’m a modern day healer who focuses on meditation, movement and touch. My mission is to hold space for connection, self-awareness and introspection.


I invite you to journey with me to breathe together, heal together, and ultimately, love together.


I believe by learning to nurture ourselves, our bodies and minds thrive, giving us the ability to best serve those around us.

Through my own healing journey, I’ve learned how to love, honor my energy levels, and the significance of discernment. I strive to be the person, big sister, and mentor I needed at the lowest points in my life.

Once my new habits began to take shape, my outer world shifted as well. I stopped looking for acceptance and learned to accept myself.

Now I’m living my life’s purpose working with those seeking to embrace their worth, and are looking to find true meaning and appreciation in their everyday life.

Through my support with yoga, breathwork, reiki, journaling, you will learn how to move through stagnant energy with more ease, clarity and compassion.

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Working and journeying with Yeradmi has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Endless gratitude.